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Bad Credit Finance & Fast Bridging Loans

A Bridging Loan lender suppliers a short-term funding until a main line of credit can become available. The Bridge Loan is effectively 'bridging' the gap between debts coming due or a longer term mortgage or main line of credit becoming available.

Bridging Finance is invaluable when facilitating property purchases that may otherwise not be possible. They are particularly useful for people with bad credit finances, and can help to fund projects, they may otherwise not be able to complete.

What are Fast Bridging Loans and how do they work?

A good example of a Bridge Loan is to help the sale and completion of a property before the existing home or property has been sold. By doing this the process can be expedited and also in some cases allow more negotiation on price due to the funds being readily available.

As well as home-movers this type of Bridging Loan Finance can also help when planning to sell-on quickly after renovating a property, or when purchasing at auction.

Who are Fast Bridging Loans aimed at?

A Bridge Loan or Bridging Finance would generally be aimed at a landlord and/or amateur property developer. This would include the purchasing of a property at auction where a mortgage would be required quickly.

Fast Bridging Loans are also useful to wealthy or asset-rich borrowers looking to release capital on existing properties in the short term.

If you have Bad Credit Finance, a Fast Bridge Loan may be the only way you can quickly secure the capital you need in the short term for your project or development.

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When should you use Bridging Loan Finance?

Private Bridging Loans can be used for many reasons, these include buy-to-let, buy-to-renovate and property investment.

Due to private and high-street banks taking longer to process applications (mainly because of the recent financial crisis) for larger mortgages and/or loans, Fast Bridging Finance has become an easy and quick way to ‘bridge’ the gap until they make their decision.

Get Fast Bridge Loans with a Poor Credit Score

Bridge Direct are Bad Credit Specialists, and as we are lenders and not brokers, will consider a deal even if you have a poor credit score or bad credit history. Even if you have a history Bad Credit Finance, Bridge Direct may have a deal suitable for you.

Bad Credit Finance and Adverse History Bridge Loan

If you have adverse repayment history it will affect your chance of getting any lines of credit. As Bridge Direct are lenders and not Brokers, even if you have a history of Bad Credit or Bad Credit Finance, Bridge Direct may have a deal suitable for you.

Bad Credit Finance

As Bad Credit Specialists, Bridge Direct will consider any deal. As direct lenders and not brokers, they have direct access to funds and can agree a deal quickly and easily.

Bad Credit Specialists - Bankrupt and CCJ Bridge Loan

Bridge Direct are Bad Credit Finance Specialists so no matter your situation, Bridge Direct may have a deal suitable for you. With direct access to over £12 Million of funds, no matter your situation they may have Private Bridge Loan to suit your purpose.

Where can you get a Bridging Loan?

Bridge Direct offer Fast Bridging Loans and can give immediate answer to your request. With access to over £12 Million, Bridge Direct are a top Bridging Loan Lender, lending throughout London, Manchester and the UK.

Bad Credit Finance from Bad Credit Specialists

No matter your situation, Bridge Direct are Bad Credit Specialists and may have a deal suitable for you. As lenders and not broker, Bad Credit Finance can restrict access to funds. Bridge Direct can offer Bad Credit Finance, and give you an immediate decision.

Bridge Direct - Bridging Loan Lender and Bad Credit Specialists

Bridge Direct offer Fast Bridging Loans services throughout Manchester, London and the UK. As a direct lender, and not a broker, Bridge Direct are able to give an immediate response and make a deals for commercial and private bridge loans, even for those with Bad Credit.

As Bad Credit Specialists working as a lender throughout the UK, please contact Bridge Direct to get the best possible deals around for any Fast Bridging Loans.

We are not a Broker, we are a Lender! All situations considered!

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