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Bridge Direct are direct lenders, not brokers, whose committment help to provide 1st class service and aim to give the best deal possible to all our clients. As direct Bridge Loan Lenders, we have direct access to funds for bridging loans, commercial and development finance, with access to in excess of £12 million, this gives Bridge Direct the ability to deliver fast and importantly, affordable, finance even to those businesses with Bad Credit Finance.

About Our Bridge Loans

How Do a Bridge Loans Work?

Bridge Loans are usually considered as a short term solution, where they are used to ‘bridge the gap’ between the sale of an old property and the purchase of a new property.

However, a Bridge Loans are not used solely for this purpose, and are now offered as short term funding solutions across a number of different situations, these include but are not exclusive to;

The biggest difference between a general loan and a bridging loan is that with a bridging loan you will not be required to make regular repayments. As with a bridging loan the funds will be borrowed for a short period, secured loan, where payment plus the interest charges are made in full at the end of the Bridging Loans term.

Bridge Direct are a specialised Business Bridge Loan Lender, who have over 30 years experience and are experts in their field, using their wealth of knowledge to ensure a quick, smooth transaction for all Bridge Loan Lending. As a Bridge Loan lender and not a broker you speak with the decision maker, which helps us to move even quicker if required.

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You can contact bridge direct in many ways, you can contact us directly using the contact details below;

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Alternatively, fill in the contact form below and one of our decision makers will contact you shortly to help you.

What is a Bridge Loan?

What is are short term bridge loans or bridging loan, and how can it be of benefit to me? A bridging loan is a short term funding solution that is generally taken out between the sale of an existing property and buying a new one. One example of a bridging loan solution would be in a buying chain where the seller of the property being purchased is in a position to complete but you have not yet secured funding of a longer term mortgage. In this instance it could affect the purchase of your new property and a Bridge Loan is the ideal solution to save time and heart-ache.

Bridging loans are used for many different purposes and are not exclusively used to purchasing property. More recently Bridge Loans have been utilised for capital raising many business reasons, to raise capital or pay tax bills. It does still stand that the loan is secured against existing property or equity.

What Is Bridging Loan Security?

All Bridging Loans required some form of security to the lender, in order to secure the Bridge Loan, this is generally an existing property or a piece of land owned anywhere within the United Kingdom. Generally, a Bridging Loan Lender will enter a 1st or 2nd charge onto the property used as Capital for security at start of the Bridge Loan. This charge is then removed from the property when the Bridging Loan is repaid in full. It is important to bear in mind that any security taken on the property must be owned by the person named on the Bridge Loans documents.

A Bridging Loan Can Be Used for Many Purposes

How Long is a Bridging Loan Term?

Most Bridge Loan Lenders usually offer around tweleve months of funding for a Bridge Loan but under specific circumstances there is normally the opportunity to extend it. The interest generate during the term of the Bridge Loan is usually repaid at the end of the Bridge Loan in full, so for example if you were to borrow £50,000 from the Bridge Loan Lender, and generate an interest of £3,000, then at the end of the Bridge Loan term the sum of £53,000 would be paid to the Bridging Loan Lender.

All Bridge Loans taken out are by definition different for every application, here at Bridge Direct we understand this and as such look to give the best deal for your business situation. As a Bridge Loan Lender and not a broker Bridge Direct will ensure you get the best Bridge Loan deal that is suitable for you and are there with you from start to end to ensure you get the best Bridge Loan experience possible.

Bridge Direct are expert Bridging Loan Lenders providing bespoke, short-term Bridge Loan solutions and Fast Bridge Loans for all types of refurbishment or development projects and business needs. Whether the Bridge Loan is for a new build, commercial or residential property, or even a refurbishment project or releasing funds for short term business requirements, Bridge Direct are able to source the best possible deal for your Bridging Loan needs. As Bridge Direct are Bridging Loan Lenders, and not brokers, you speak directly with the decision makers, so you will get an instant decision on your Bridge Loan solution.

Bridge Direct are Bridge Loan Lenders and have extensive knowledge and experience required to ensure that all their services are of the highest standard. So whether the Bridge Loans you require a Bridging Loan for to fund a property refurbishment or even a housing development, the team at Bridge Direct are hand to ensure that the best Bridging Loan Finance deal if found for you and is handled both professionally and quickly, so that you get the service you deserve.

What Is Our Bridge Loan Process

Bridge Direct are expert Bridging Loan Lenders and have years of experience dealing with Bridge Loans throughout the UK.

Basic Bridge Loan Enquiry

In order to apply just simply fill in our Bridge Loan and one of our Bridging Loan Specialists will be able to contact you with an instant decision. Bridge Direct are able to do this as they are Bridging Loan Lenders, therefore we have direct access to funds and are not a broker.

Detailed Quotation and Bridge Loan acceptance

When our Bridge Loans Specialist contacts you they will be able to give you an instant decision, meaning there is no delay or messing around. As a main Bridge Loan Lender we have access to over £12 million in fund and can grant Bridge Loans from £30K to 500K.

Here at Bridge Direct we pride ourselves on our quality of service. Our Bridge Loan Specialist will call you back at a time suitable for you within hours of your online application for a Bridging Loan been completed. If Bridge Direct are able to supply a deal for you we can supply a written agreement shortly afterwards.

Once accepted and if you decide to progress with your Bridge Loan application we can instruct immediately and begin processing the paperwork, thus saving valuable time and getting your Bridging Loan processed as fast as possible. Bridge Direct don’t charge any upfront fees for our Bridge Loans services, giving you assurance of our Bridging Loan products.

We are not a Broker, we are a Lender! All situations considered!

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