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How can Bridge Loans help small businesses?

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When should a business look at utilizing a Bridge loan?

As is the case with all businesses, cash flow is a key factor in maintain workflow and keeping a company functioning smoothly. Business owners commonly experience an issues with slow or restricted cash flow hindering project that would otherwise be extremely successful.

In this type of scenario a Bridge Loan becomes the ideal solution. Banks and mortgage providers will require stringent check to be completed, which often means it can be weeks or even months before funds can be received. Often this will mean the opportunity will be missed or non-viable. With a bridge loan, there are no checks and in some cases funds can be received on the same day. Due to the speed in which a bridge loan can be acquired they are extremely useful those types of situations which come quickly or unexpectedly.

Bridging finance is a temporary financial solution. The terms of a bridge loan are usually between 6 – 12 months in duration, this means you are not tied into a lengthy repayment plan as would be the case with a regular bank loan or mortgage. With a bridge loan, all funds are repaid when the loan is drawn up at the end of the term.

Below are just a few advantages that can be gained from using bridging finance:



When should a business look into bridging finance?

There are numerous of instances whenever obtaining a bridge loan is certainly a better alternative than applying for a bank loan or mortgage:



What do you need to apply for a Bridge Direct bridging loan?



Advantages you can expect when taking a bridge loan out with Bridge Direct:



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