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How do commercial bridge loans differ from other loans?

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As with all loans, different loans are designed to suit different purposes, so the loan you choose will depend upon the situation you are currently in. One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is maintaining a healthy cash flow. This is something which can be more difficult that it first sounds. For example late customer payments, over running projects or products can all add up the liquid capital drying up.

Approaching your bank for a loan may seem like the best thing to do in this situation, but this is not always the case. After the global economic crisis, the UK government put new rules in place to protect the banks and the people borrowing. With these new rules in place this generally means that loans are not as readily handed out as they once were. With increased set criteria, additional credit checks and due diligence, its can takes weeks or even months before a bank loan is approved.

In most cases when cash flow is running low getting hold of the loan funds is extremely time critical. Adding to this the lengthy repayment schemes associated with bank loans or mortgages (meaning you will be tied in for a number of years making regularly monthly repayments on said loan), and bank loans can quickly become less desirable than they initially seemed.

Commercial lender bridge loans are different for a number of reasons:

Commercial bridge loans are secured loans, this means that you don’t need to worry about extensive and elaborate set criteria and credit checks. As the funds are secure against collateral already held in an existing property or asset, funding can be approved instantly. By using a commercial bridge loan from Bridge Direct, you can not only be assured of an instant decision on your application, but in some case funds can be received on the same day. The team at Bridge Direct have over 30 years’ experience and can help guide you and find the best possible deal for you and your situation.

When you apply for a commercial bridge loan from Bridge Direct you can be assured of;

By making use of a commercial bridge loan from Bridge Direct, you can be assured of receiving funds in a timely manner, ensuring cash flow and ensuring that no issues can or will occur in respect of your business. This is why 1000’s of businesses all over the UK continue to use Bridge Direct as their dedicated bridging loan lender. Each and every deal is assessed on its own merit, meaning, no matter your situation, Bridge Direct may have a bridge loan solution for you.

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