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Instant Bridge Loans – A short term solution to fill any financial gaps

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Utilizing Instant Bridge Loans to fill a temporary gap in funding or release equity is a quick and easy way to fund last minute purchases, products and services. Whilst bridge loans are more commonly associated with property purchases, business owners throughout the UK are often turning to short term bridge loans to fund any business application. These applications can include;

  1. Paying off large tax bills
  2. Kick starting new projects or services
  3. Adding additional funding to a lagging project
  4. Hire additional labour to speed up production

With that being said, Bridge loans are still a valid option for property purchases, and are still commonly used for many buy-to-let purchase, especially those purchased at auction. By using a Bridge Loan in this situation, the property buyer doesn’t have to worry about having finance readily available or a mortgage in place before attending the auctions. This means they can regularly attend and if the ideal property comes up for auction, they can bid for it.

How are Bridge Loans secured?

Bridge loans or bridge finance are a secured loan, this means that the loan funds are secured against a property or asset that you as the borrower already own, this is generally a property. Bridge loans are a short term funding solution, with their terms generally being between 3-12 months. However, it is possible to extend the term or resign a new deal at the end of current loan.

As with most short term loans, as there is generally a higher risk involved, the interest rates reflect this. Generally you will find that the interest on a bridge loan is higher when compared with a traditional loan or mortgage.

One major benefit of bridge loans is that all monies are paid in full when the bridge loan is completed, this includes all interest and additional costs, rather than having to make the regular monthly repayments that are associated with a mortgage or bank loan. This give the added bonus (especially when flipping properties) of being able to repay all funds when the funds become available to you. This may be whilst awaiting a property sale or even a large customer invoice to be settled.

The maximum loan amount offered by the bridge loan lender will distinct from one lender to another lender. At Bridge Direct we will read all your financial requirements thoroughly and we provide the best possible deal. As a direct lender, and not a broker, when you contact bridge direct, you can be assured you are speaking with a decision maker, no middle men are involved.

As direct lenders, and not brokers, hundreds of property developers throughout the UK have managed to make their dreams come true of becoming a developer by quickly and easily using a bridge loan.

Bridge Direct have also supplied bridge finance to business owners all over the UK, allowing them to start new projects and expanding their services, allowing them to keep ahead of the competition and provide the service their customers expect.

At Bridge Direct every deal is assessed on its own individual merit, 1st and 2nd charges are accepted, and you may still be eligible, even if you have bad credit history. The team have over 30 years of lending experience and access to over £12 million in lending capital.

Bridge Direct will give a guaranteed instant decision on all bridge loan application requests, so whatever your finance requirement Bridge Direct may have a bridge loan deal for you. 

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