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Bad Credit Home Loans in the UK

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There are many reason and factors as to how you can get a bad credit score and having this can have major implications when you try to take out a bank loan or mortgage. Due to the recent economic crisis we have seen banks becoming more wary about who and where they lend their money. Additional credit checks, due diligence and increased set criteria mean if you have bad or adverse credit you are unlikely to be able to secure one of these products.

However, Bridge Loans from Bridge Direct can provide a solution to this situation. As bridge loans are secured loans, with security being in an existing property or asset you already own, you can get approved for a bridge loan even if you have bad or adverse credit. As Bridge Direct have no set criteria, accept 1st and 2nd charges and no upfront fees.  Each deal is assessed on its own individual merit no matter what your situation is, Bridge Direct may have a deal for you.

Does my Credit Score play important role in the loan approval process?

When taking out a standard high street bank loan or mortgage your credit score will play a crucial role in the application process. Generally the set criteria will be that you currently or previously do not have bad or adverse credit, meaning that any application will be rejected immediately or attracted extremely high rates of interest.

With Bridge Loans, as the loans are secured against capital held in a current property, your credit score will not necessarily go against you, meaning you could still be eligible for a loan. Bridge Direct will give you an instant decision on this, so there is no waiting around to see if you would be approved or not.

Why choose a Bridge Loan when you have bad credit score?

By choosing a Bridge Loan from Bridge Direct, you will be guaranteed an instant decision, even if you have bad or adverse credit history. When you speak with the Bridge Direct team, you are speaking directly with the decision makers, there are no middle men involved and this is why they will be able to approve your application instantly. There is no waiting around, no credit checks and none of your time wasted.

Does a Bad credit score affect interest rates?

Having a bad credit score will not necessarily affect your rate of interest when taking out a Bridge Loan. Bridge Direct have over 30 years of lending experience in bridge loans and the financial industry, and knowing the bridge loan process inside out. You will speak directly with the decision maker who will find the best possible deal for you and your situation.

To learn more about the services Bridge Direct can offer, please visit at: and complete the simple online form for a guaranteed instant decision on all bridge loan products.

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